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Do you have production or refinement issues?

We have your solution at hand. Whether CO2 or BHO or anything in between, we have the refinement knowledge and experience to get your golden product to market.

Using your base materials, we apply our process and knowledge in a service like no other offered. Ask about our new client packages.

Cannabis Extraction & Concentrate Refinement Services

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For all your Vape, Oil, Shatter Concentrate needs

THC Pharmaceuticals offers the unique opportunity for you to produce oil extracts and concentrates from your own base materials at a flat per pound fee.  Our unique oil extraction and concentrate refinement services produces oil and concentrates of exceptional quality, superiority, and safety in conformance with professional laboratory practices.

Get the products you know exist within your production. 

You already have enough to manage...Probably too much.

Let us get you through the last mile of concentrate production!


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Cannabis Extraction & Concentract Refinement Services

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