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Delta Amber

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THC Pharmaceuticals

Connoisseur Products

for the Discriminating Connoisseur

THC Pharmaceuticals Inc. produces oil extract products of exceptional quality, superiority, and safety in conformance with professional laboratory practices.

No other product currently on the market matches the quality and purity of our oils. Countless testimonials attest to the quality of experience embodied by our oils.

THC Pharmaceuticals Inc. extracts oil from the cannabis plant using a proprietary extraction method.

All the solvents utilized are fully FDA approved Laboratory Grade Reagents. A final distillation is performed using 100% food grade solvent. The process is completed with a heated high vacuum purge to ensure all traces of solvent are removed. Further gas chromatography testing is performed to ensure no traces of solvents remain within the final product.

Our concentrates are exclusively marketed through our

Delta Amberbrand.


Our THC pharmaceutical grade oil is pure oil with no wax or plant matter left behind. As such it gives our product many advantages over normal concentrates, the foremost being versatility. Our oil can be used in anyway​ one would usually consume cannabis. 


  • Consume your cannabis using the traditional smoking method and see how adding a little of our product can significantly improve your experience.
  • Add a few drops of our product on top of your flower while smoking and witness our slow burning oil make your bowl last 2-3 times longer than average.

  • With a consistency like honey, dabbing is as simple as grabbing a metal or glass dabber of choice or just use our Easy-Apply tips for a simple tool free solution.


  • As a pure oil our product is smooth and fluid enough to add directly into vapor pens and refillable cartridges, all without ever having to mix or dilute our oil with any thinning agents.
  • Our Easy-Apply tips make sure there are no spills or leaks when refilling even difficult to access tanks and pens.

  • As a pure oil our product will burn away completely to pure carbon, leaving no sticky residue or mess behind to clog your vaporizer.
  • All of our oils are 100% cannabis oil and is never mixed or cut with anything.


  • As a pure oil it is suited perfectly for recipe's of all types.  Simply add it to any recipe with an oil or butter component.  It will blend in easily and thoroughly.

  • Our oils mild flavor will not overpower the flavor of your desired recipe or have any of the "grassy" smell or flavor commonly associated with edibles.
  • With the THC already activated in our oil there are no worries about having in anyway to prepare or manually activate the cannabinoids.

  • Add a drop directly into a hot liquid of choice and enjoy an easily made medicated beverage.