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Crumbles         Shatters

Our products now extend to Crumbles and Shatters simply by taking our proprietary process to the next logical step.  

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Delta Amber

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THC Pharmaceuticals

THC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

is a non-profit Medical Cannabis California Collective formed in 2011 when a group of scientists at THC Analytical merged with a group of growers that were focused on growing high CBD strains of medical cannabis. This new relationship formed THC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. bringing the much needed CBD medicine to the dispensaries.  

THC Pharmaceuticals now focuses on producing Connoisseur Grade concentrates for the cannabis user whose palate demands the taste, quality, and purity that only our products consistently provide.

Other concentrates exist.  Ours redefines your expectations.

Find out for yourself why our products are the Connoisseur's Choice.

YOU be the judge.